NOVA Culinary Chef and Students Visit High Sabatino

NOVA Culinary Chef and Students Visit High Sabatino

NOVA Culinary Chef and Students Visit High Sabatino
Harold Spotts, Valencia Pittman, Chef Pete Schellenbach, Sara Louizi, Victoria Troy, Stephen Moser, Elmer Marcos and Chef Mike Herbert at High Sabatino.

On December 1, five culinary students and Chef Mike Herbert visited High Sabatino Associates in Jessup, Maryland. High Sabatino is a manufacturer’s representative for quality foodservice equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Chef Peter Schellenbach, accompanied by Dan Martin and Harold Spotts, demonstrated how advances in commercial kitchen technology have revolutionized food service operations. Schellenbach showed how the Rational Combi oven, with its multitude of sensors and settings, can ensure a consistent, quality product while lowering food and labor costs. The students sampled roast tenderloin, which was cooked perfectly – medium rare, juicy and tender. Schellenbach also prepared grilled cheese sandwiches, salmon with rice and vegetables, shrimp and ravioli, and cookies. He described how different cooking methods work in this oven, and how to use it for a la carte cooking, as well as bulk feeding.

Martin then presented the holding cabinets, which do not only keep food hot, but prevent it from drying out. These cabinets use both dry and wet bulb temperature sensors. This enables a food service facility to cook items in advance, hold them until service, and ensure a superior product and customer satisfaction. Everyone sampled a roast pork butt, which was cooked and held for two hours.

Schellenbach and Martin then demonstrated the blast chiller, which can quickly freeze food without breaking the cell structure. Breaking the cell structure is what causes food to lose moisture, which leads to freezer burn, enabling food to stay frozen until ready to use, while still maintaining its fresh flavor and characteristics.

NOVA culinary students really enjoyed this presentation and how everything was explained in an engaging way.

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