New Professional Development Course

NOVA faculty are invited to participate in a new professional development course this spring semester: EDU 295 – The Science of Learning. This is a 12-week, three-credit online course offered through the Extended Learning Institute beginning February 15.

Participants will explore the empirical research and neurocognitive theories of learning, and relate them to their own learning and teaching experiences. Participants will seek answers to questions such as:

  • What is learning?
  • What do we know about our intended outcomes of expertise and critical thinking?
  • What variables most affect student learning?
  • Why do different students respond differently to the same learning conditions?
  • How does experience get transformed into memory and new ways of thinking?
  • What teaching functions most affect student learning?
  • What skills can help students be better learners?

EDU 295 provides a foundation for EDU 285, which addresses the roles and tasks of the online teacher, and EDU 287, which teaches the design of online courses, but the content of this course applies equally well to classroom and hybrid teaching.

For additional information about this course and procedures for registration, see the EDU 295 course information page or contact Bob Loser (


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