Experience Europe This Summer

Please share this great opportunity with NOVA students. Students will have an opportunity to experience Europe while getting college credit. The course will examine the politics of conflict and cooperation in modern Europe. While studying abroad, students will experience the modern politics and history of international conflict and cooperation firsthand through visiting institutions, experts, and historical/cultural sites and hosting lectures from experts in Brussels, Belgium. The course will consist of four instructional class meetings during the second half of May (summer 2016), a two-week trip from June 5 to 19 to Brussels, Belgium, and one class meeting in June after returning from Brussels.

The Manassas Campus will host pre- and post-trip meetings for those interested in studying abroad this summer. For more information, please contact Kara Heitz (kheitz@nvcc.edu) or Melissa Beaudoin (mbeaudoin@nvcc.edu), both at the Manassas Campus. See the flyer in this edition of the Intercom.

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