Second Annandale STEMfair on April 14

Following a successful first effort last year, the Annandale Campus Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (MSE) Division will host STEMfair 2016 in the Ernst Community Cultural Center on Monday, April 14.

Organized this year in a collaborative manner by a 14-member interdisciplinary advisory committee chaired by Chemistry Associate Professor Ritu Kansal, information about STEMfair 2016 can be found online.

Last year, the event drew 42 official entries, with over 120 participating students and more than 180 attendees. STEMfair 2015 photos are available online.

“I encourage faculty throughout the college to inform their students about this great opportunity for them to network with each other and share their work with other students, faculty, and industry representatives,” said MSE Dean Abbas Eftekhari.

Students may present their work as either an oral presentation or a poster presentation. And there are three categories of entries:

  • Physical Sciences (PHY, CHM, GOL)
  • Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics

The entries will be judged on the following areas:

  1. Originality and Creativity
  2. Scientific Method
  3. Analysis of Data and Conclusion
  4. Communication of Results

Awards and recognition include trophies and certificates for each category and there will be cash awards for select projects. Internships and research opportunities are also possible.

You can access the flyer in this edition of the Intercom. For questions, contact Ritu Kansal at

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