Thornett Publishes Article in the Solutions Journal

Thornett Publishes Article in the Solutions Journal

Thornett Publishes Article in the Solutions Journal
Antonio Latucca, director and co-founder of Rosario’s Urban Agriculture Program, helps residents of the Medical Student House create their community garden in May 2015.
Photo by Rodrigo Oleaga

Geography Professor Robert C. Thornett published an article in the March issue of the Solutions Journal focusing on an innovative new Traditional and Natural Medicine Program designed to improve public health in Rosario, Argentina. The program sources medicinal plants from Rosario’s globally-recognized Urban Agriculture Program.

In addition, the article discusses how Rosario has drawn on the agricultural know-how of thousands of rural migrants, including many of indigenous Guaraní heritage, to make urban farming a central part of the local economy. Rosario’s city farms now yield over 80,000 kg of produce per year, feeding over 40,000 local citizens, and are fully integrated into the city’s long-term strategic planning. The article also discusses Rosario’s Ñanderoga Seed Bank, which distributes 687 species of seeds, allowing urban farmers to construct biodiversity in their city.

The article is one result of a research trip by Thornett to South America in summer 2015, funded by a Paul Lee Grant from the Virginia Community College System.

To read the article, “In Argentina, an Innovative Traditional and Natural Medicine Initiative Sprouts from Urban Agriculture” go online.

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  1. Nice to see geographers with positive positive research results. I followed the link to your article, and I was impressed with the perspective concerning the benefits of traditional medicine and agriculture. The high use of Monsanto pesticides should be reversed.

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