2016 Fourth Annual NOVA Mathematic Competition

2016 Fourth Annual NOVA Mathematic Competition

2016 Fourth Annual NOVA Mathematic Competition Twenty eight NOVA students from all campuses demonstrated a great love for mathematics by competing at the Annandale Campus for the fourth annual NOVA Mathematics Competition on April 8. Thanks to the generous contributions of time and talent of many volunteers, the competition was a great success. Fourteen teams comprised of two students each participated in the competition. Prizes for each member of the top three teams included two Apple iPad Minis, two $50 gift cards, and two $25 gift cards, along with textbooks.

The competitors solved a number of challenging problems on topics including geometry, counting, probability, logic and analysis of functions. Students demonstrated mathematical knowledge and ability, a great love for STEM education and overall excellent teamwork.

Congratulations to Luca Scerbo and Sean Alan Padyett who earned first place, Patrick McCormick and Kyung Kim who earned second place, Carly Springer and Christina Lin who earned third place. For a complete listing and photos, go to http://blogs.nvcc.edu/knong/.

2016 Fourth Annual NOVA Mathematic Competition
Carly Springer, Christina Lin, Sean Alan Padyett , Luca Scerbo, Patrick McCormick and Kyung Kim.

The fourth annual NOVA Math Competition is made possible by the following gifts and sponsors: Apple iPad Minis, $50 gift cards and $25 gift cards from the Annandale Student Life office (Mathew “Tank” McCarl), textbook publisher Pearson (Tami Dreyfus) and NOVA Community Outreach and Office of the Provost (Bob Hull and Claudia Chirinos). Special thanks to organizing faculty and staff: Kumnit NongVictoria Lu, Jeff Vetrano, Dr. Aeyoung JangTerrence Krize, Martin Bredeck, Barbara Tolley and Samnang Po who made this event successful.

Thanks to the mathematics faculty at NOVA from all campuses for helping to promote and inspire mathematical interest in students and nurturing students’ ability to think creatively and solve challenging problems. NOVA has traditionally been very competitive with other two-and four-year schools in mathematics competitions, both locally and nationally, and NOVA students have consistently lived up to the challenge and made the faculty very proud. The planning team looks forward to next year’s competition and faculty and staff help and support in the future.

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