Alexandria Campus Student Voices Conference Spring 2016

Alexandria Campus Student Voices Conference Spring 2016

Alexandria Campus Student Voices Conference Spring 2016 On April 7, the Alexandria Campus held its annual Student Voices Conference. Dr. Laura Franklin (AL) welcomed everyone and commemorated the late Dr. Joseph Windham, the beloved Alexandria history professor who taught on campus for more than 20 years and who helped to found the conference.

Over 60 students from 14 different disciplines presented their academic work during the daylong Dr. Joseph Windham Student Voices Conference. Highlights of the conference included moving personal reactions to the Trayvon Martin case by students from Dr. Nicole Hindert’s (AL) Sociology of Race and Ethnicity class, final multimedia marketing projects from Professor Lisa Hill’s (AL) Communication Design class, a musical performance of one of Bach’s fugues from a student in Dr. Jonathan Kolm’s (AL) music program, photographs from Professor Aya Takashima’ s (AL) photography course and insight into ongoing studies on liver cells from research completed with Biology Professor David Fernandez (AL).

Alexandria Campus Student Voices Conference Spring 2016 Art students from Professor Stacy Slaten’s class (AL) displayed their graphite and charcoal artwork, while students from Professor Lucy Gebre-Egziabher’s (AL) film course showed their two-minute film project and students in Professor Amanda Trostle’s (AL) Spanish class presented a telenovela they created using green screen technology available to faculty and students by the Alexandria Campus Learning and Technology Resources. Students also presented outstanding research papers from the disciplines of English, history, religion and economics.

Student presenters received certificates and Barnes & Noble gift cards. The event was organized by the Alexandria Campus Diversity Committee and funded by Alexandria Campus Student Life.


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