Calliope Celebrates Volume 13

Calliope Celebrates Volume 13

Calliope Celebrates Volume 13
Acting Languages and Literature Division Dean Bruce Mann (lower left) with Calliope staff members including English as a Second Language Assistant Professor Til Turner and Assistant Professor of English Jay Steere, in the front row; English Instructor Bryan Peters, English Professor Rima Gulshan and English as a Second Language Instructor Shirley Nuhn, in the second row; and Art Professor Giulio Porta, Associate English Dean Jen Daniels, English as a Second Language Instructor Linda Millington, and English as a Second Language Associate Professor Carole Thurston, in the rear.

On April 27, the Annandale Campus Division of Languages and Literature celebrated the publication of Volume 13 of Calliope, the Annandale student journal of art and literature. Student scholarship awards were also presented at a reception in the Forum of the Ernst Community Cultural Center.

There was a full house on hand as Dr. Bruce Mann, acting dean of the Languages and Literature Division, welcomed those in attendance and presented the students whose high academic achievements were recognized with 2016 student scholarship awards in six categories. The categories and winners included: Dominique Vines (American Sign Language); Kimberlee McAuliffe (Interpreting); Joe Nzegang (English), Christiane Hansford (English: honorable mention) and Lun Lungsuay (English: honorable mention); Ligia Xavier (English as a Second Language (ESL)), Lin Zhao (ESL), Elaine Nocum (ESL: honorable mention) and Muhammed Mohd Yusairi (ESL: honorable mention); Colin Creedon (Chinese); and Meghan Eaton (Spanish), Payal Panchal (Spanish), Viviane Santos de Quadros (Spanish) and Jonathan Reilly (Spanish).

Calliope Celebrates Volume 13
Ten of the 14 Division of Languages and Literature Student Scholarship Award winners pictured.

Jay Steere, assistant English professor and Calliope co-chair, acknowledged the members of the Calliope staff and mentioned that four students from the English Specialization program were included for the first time in the scoring process for submissions. He and Bryan Peters, English instructor and the other Calliope co-chair, were the award judges in the literary categories.

Giulio Porta, art professor in the Division of Liberal Arts, who scored the Calliope art submissions and served as judge for the art awards, announced the 2016 art award winners. The prizes and winners included: cover prize ($150 award) to Serah Choi for “What Makes You Live Your Life?,” first prize ($100 award): Allison Darcie Valez for “Regret,” second prize ($75 award): Thao Thanh Trinh for “He Loves the Sky,” and third prize ($50 award): Jessica Meyers for “Harmonious.”

Calliope Celebrates Volume 13
Calliope 2016 Art Award winners are shown in the first row with 2016 Literary Award winners, standing behind them.

Linda Millington, ESL instructor, presented the 2016 literary awards. First place winners received $100 awards, $75 awards went to second place winners, and third place winners received $50 awards in four categories. The categories and winners were as follows: Fiction – Jason Jisu Lee for “Second Intelligent World” (first place), Christopher Miller for “A Party to Die For” (second place) and Alexander Tsapos for “Tik Tok” (third place); Poetry – Alexandra Nava-Ruiz Tecco for “An Individual’s Spectrum” (first place) and “Medicating” (second place), and Jessica Briggs for “Syria’s Widow” (third place); ESL – Thao Thanh Trinh for “My Memorable Place” (first place) and “My Mom” (second place), and Yue Chang for “A Life Changing Decision” (third place); Creative Nonfiction – Alexandra Nava-Ruiz Tecco for “Crossings at the Paso del Norte” (first place), Edna Squire for “Detached from Reality” (second place) and Anastasiya Chebotarova for “To Be or Not to Be?” (third place).

“We were happy to celebrate with faculty and students at the Calliope ceremony,” said Steere. “Over the years, Calliope has served as an incredible showcase for student art and writing. We, as faculty, were all so happy to come together to celebrate this remarkable work by our many talented students.”

Calliope is published during the spring semester with submissions being accepted in the fall semester from September through December. Information about the submission process and copies of previous volumes can be found online.


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