Shared Services Center’s Initial Operations to Benefit VCCS Colleges

Shared Services Center’s Initial Operations to Benefit VCCS Colleges

Shared Services Center’s Initial Operations to Benefit VCCS Colleges This summer, Virginia’s community colleges will open a shared services center in Botetourt County, a central component of a longer-term Virginia Community College System (VCCS) effort to increase efficiency by removing administrative burdens from Virginia’s 23 community colleges and the Richmond-based system office. NOVA will be an active participant. Among the expected benefits are an increase in efficiency through standardization, greater customer focus including student achievement, enhanced capabilities regarding analysis and evaluation and improved service quality.

The Center will ultimately house nearly 200 employees and provide common and transactional support to all the colleges initially for finance, human resources and procurement functions.

“This shared services center is an important part of our work in keeping faith with our students and taxpayers,” said VCCS Chancellor Glenn DuBois, when the location of the center was announced in March. “Increasing our efficiencies with regard to backroom functions means that we can direct more resources to the tools and strategies that directly touch our students and contribute to their success. We’re also excited to locate this facility in rural Virginia. We’re convinced that that many benefits of the region, especially its workforce, will make this center a success.”

Virginia’s community colleges are pursuing a shared services approach to its administrative processes after internal research indicated that moving some of those processes into a collaborative shared-services environment would increase the overall organization’s efficiency.

The VCCS shared services center will be phased into operations with the goal of providing service to every Virginia community college and the VCCS System Office in Richmond. More information will be provided to the College as the rollout proceeds.

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