NOVA’s Mascot Has Been Named

NOVA’s Mascot Has Been Named

NOVA’s Mascot Has Been Named “I’m excited to announce that our NOVA Nighthawk will be known as Ace,” said President Scott Ralls. “Ace evokes many positive meanings, such as a person who excels or the highest score on an exam, and we believe the name fits our mascot perfectly.”

A few weeks ago, everyone in the region was invited to rate their favorite names on a scale of one to five. Other suggested names included Midnight, Maverick, Lightning and Major. The voting process was an excellent way for the greater College community to enjoy this shared experience and watch the evolution of NOVA’s Nighthawk.

More than 4,400 people voted and, when the responses were tallied, Ace was the winner. Write-ins were also allowed. Next, a mascot suit will be created so Ace can attend athletic games and other events.

NOVA’s Nighthawk mascot was created to generate college spirit, engage the community and encompass NOVA’s diverse student body and academic programs. To learn more about how NOVA developed its mascot, go online.

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