Lunch and Learn About the Presidential Election

A Lunch & Learn presentation was held on October 19 to discuss the importance of this year’s presidential election. The Manassas Campus Political Science Club and club advisor Dr. Melissa Beaudoin held an open session on the hot issues facing the candidates.

Political Science Club President Tyler Heuple represented Republicans while fellow club member Vincent Gorgone represented Democrats. Both students currently hold internships with their respective political offices. When asked about their internships, Heuple discussed, with enthusiasm, his opportunities to meet current political leaders such as Matt Roe. Gorgone enjoys talking with potential voters with different viewpoints.

The event was attended by about 25 students which provided an excellent opportunity for them to ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere. When asked about third party votes, Gorgone said, “In this election, at this point, a third-party vote would be a wasted vote. Especially since Gary Johnson wasn’t able to make it into the debates, no one really knows who he is or what he stands for.”

When asked why NOVA students should care about the election, Heuple answered, “You should care because your vote matters. Your vote is for the future, and it’s important even if you don’t think it is.” Gorgone said, “If you don’t think it’s important and you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain if you don’t like the outcome.”

Students were engaged in the conversation and walked away with valuable knowledge to take to the polls on November 8.

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