NOVA Continues Model Partnership with The Posse Foundation

NOVA Continues Model Partnership With the Posse Foundation

NOVA Continues Model Partnership with The Posse Foundation
Annandale Provost Pam Hilbert, Posse Associate Vice President Lamont Gordon, Posse Trainer Joe Prive, NOVA Veterans Advisor Audra Morris and NOVA President Scott Ralls met to briefly discuss their partnership before Posse spoke to veteran students at NOVA.

On October 25, representatives of The Posse Foundation visited the Annandale Campus for information sessions with veteran students. Along with Posse Trainer Joe Prive, Posse Associate Vice President Lamont Gordon spoke with students about the organization and opportunities. They also met and spoke with President Scott Ralls and Annandale Provost Pam Hilbert.

During the brief meeting, Ralls asked Prive and Gordon if there was anything more NOVA can do to continue to improve its partnership with Posse. Gordon described the organization’s partnership with NOVA as an ideal situation and said Veterans Advisor Audra Morris makes sure students are informed and prepared for the rigorous interview process.

“We go out and talk about our veterans programs at military bases and community colleges. Our partnership with NOVA is important because it gives us more access to student veterans,” Gordon said. “NOVA is a model partnership for us because you spread the word about this opportunity and plan information sessions so we can talk to large groups of veterans and schedule individual follow-ups.”

Gordon said The Posse Foundation’s veterans program is important because it focuses on students who may be overlooked by colleges and universities. Through the program, they provide college access to veteran students who have the potential to become great leaders in the future.

NOVA currently has more than 7,200 veteran students enrolled. Last year, five NOVA students became Posse Foundation Scholars. Ralls said it is important to recognize that NOVA serves different students with different needs and provide them with various opportunities to help them reach their goals.

“People look at NOVA and see how big we are, but what makes us unique is who we serve,” Ralls said. “This partnership with The Posse Foundation is really important, and we want to keep up the momentum we’ve had with them over the years.”

The Posse Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify, recruit and train students from all over the United States. These students typically hail from diverse backgrounds and are often overlooked by traditional university recruiting methods and metrics. Selected candidates form a multicultural team, called a “Posse,” and attend an intense orientation to prepare them for enrollment at top-tier universities across the nation.

In 2012, The Posse Foundation tweaked its dynamic recruitment and application process specifically for veterans for their new Veterans Initiative. The first Veterans Posse began at Vassar College, with new Posse students at Wesleyan and Dartmouth soon following. Over the next five years, Posse intends to triple their network and place Posse veterans in over one dozen top-tier schools.

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