President’s Sabbatical Award

Have you been at NOVA for five years or more? Do you have an idea that you want to work on without any other distraction? Would you enjoy a semester with full pay and benefits, no classes and an opportunity to develop that idea? If so, apply for the President’s Sabbatical Award.

The December 1 deadline for applications is fast approaching. Applicants need to complete form 105-100 that requires the signature of their provost. In addition, they need to write a 1,000 word statement, including a 50-word executive summary, describing how the sabbatical will benefit their professional development and serve the College and NOVA students. Both 9- and 12-month faculty who have completed five years at the College are eligible for the award. Faculty members on the Personnel Services Committee will evaluate the proposals and forward recommendations to President Robert G. Templin, Jr., who makes the final decision.

This is a golden opportunity to receive a semester sabbatical with full pay and benefits. In the past, recipients have used the sabbatical to write books, compose music, develop art exhibits, and devise new and inventive teaching strategies. The sabbatical is not intended for completion of doctoral work. Thirty-seven faculty members have won the award and they have represented a variety of disciplines including English, art, history, biology, music and physics. Each campus has representatives on the Personnel Services Committee who can answer questions about the President’s Sabbatical Award.

Please forward an electronic copy of your application by December 1 to the Personnel Services Committee Chair Alicia Tucker at

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