President’s Sabbatical Award

The Personnel Services Committee invites full-time faculty to apply for the President’s Sabbatical Award. The award is designed to foster creative energy by providing faculty with a one-semester sabbatical leave with full pay. Each academic year, a maximum of three faculty members, one of whom can be on a 12-month contract, can receive the award.

Award proposals should be no more than 1,000 words and specify how the sabbatical leave will uniquely benefit both the individual and the College. The proposal and NOVA Form 105-100 should be sent electronically to the chair of the Personnel Services Committee by December 1.

Members of the Personnel Services Committee (who are not eligible for the award) will evaluate the proposals and recommend up to three names to President Scott Ralls, who selects the award winners. Award recipients will present a lecture on their sabbatical experience to the College community during the year following their leave.

NOVA Form 105-100 is available in the Forms Library. Applicants must be eligible for sabbatical leave and have completed six years of service in the Virginia Community College System to qualify for the President’s Sabbatical Award. Previous winners must have six years of service completed since their last award.

For more information, previous winners and current winners’ proposals, please check the PSC website.

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