NOVA Honors Program Represented at National Conference

NOVA Honors Program Represented at National Conference

NOVA Honors Program Represented at National Conference
NOVA College-Wide Honors Coordinator Stacy Rice, NCHC keynote speaker Sherman Alexie and National Collegiate Honors Council President Art Spisak.

The NOVA Honors Program was well-represented at the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference (NCHC) held in Seattle on October 12 to 16. NOVA College-Wide Honors Coordinator Stacy Rice serves on the board of directors for NCHC.

Rice, along with Dr. Paul Fitzgerald (Annandale Honors Chair) and Dr. Rebecca Hayes (Manassas Honors Chair), presented a session on “Know Thyself: Various Measures of Success in a Growing Honors Program.” They also presented with two Honors Program Scholarship recipients, India Mazarro (MA) and Hannah Williams (AN), in a session titled, “The Good, the Bad and the Not-So-Ugly: Working Through the Hurdles of an Honors Program.” Both sessions were well-received and attended.

Fitzgerald also currently sits on the Awards Committee for NCHC, and Hayes served as a judge for the Honors student poster session, where students nationwide presented their original research on science and medicine from two- and four-year institutions.

Rice also worked as an NCHC consultant during the conference, assisting other Honors directors and coordinators with concerns regarding their Honors Programs and also co-presented information on two-year and four-year Honors to Honors transfer agreements with James Madison University’s (JMU) Dr. Phil Frana, Honors College associate dean, who Rice is currently working with on a white paper for the White House on behalf of NCHC regarding this same issue. The goal is to assist academic institutions on bridging the gap between two- and four-year schools when transferring Honors students from program to program.

Lastly, at the conference, Rice was given the unique and distinct honor as an NCHC board member of introducing the keynote speaker for the conference, Sherman Alexie, American novelist, short story writer, poet and filmmaker, who is a Spokane-Coeur d’Alene Native American.

All attendees would like to thank NOVA’s Honors Program for this opportunity to present and collaborate with other NCHC Honors programs, colleges, administrators and fellow colleagues.


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