New Staff at Manassas

New Staff at Manassas Whitney Hammond has served as an advocate for student success for the past six years. She discovered her passion for supporting students during her undergraduate career as a student leader. As a result of the positive experiences she had as a student, she completed a master’s degree in higher education at George Mason University.

Prior to joining the Manassas Student Success team, Hammond served on the Annandale Campus as a first-year academic advisor where she supported first-time college students in their pursuit of higher education. However, she is not completely new to the Manassas Campus. Hammond spent a very brief period on Campus in 2014 assisting Alicia Grande (former high school outreach specialist) in outreach and recruitment events.

Prior to joining the NOVA family, she served at George Mason as the undergraduate program coordinator for the psychology department where she supported the faculty and students in advising and program management. Hammond is thrilled to be connecting with the Manassas high school community to promote the benefits of starting strong at NOVA.

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