MSA Beyond Bag Lunches Project

Since 1995, the Muslim Student Association (MSA), with chapters at the Annandale and Alexandria campuses, has made many positive and heartfelt contributions to the community. The MSA has organized blood drives, visits to children’s hospitals, clean your campus days and raised money for the refugee crises abroad.

The frigid weather on the east coast leave many homeless individuals not only cold but helpless. MSA is working to provide outdoor supply packages for the homeless in Hyde Park. Their project will help provide sufficient supplies to make a difference in their lives. Beyond Bag Lunches will break the cycle of donating then moving along with the day. Their goal is to also lend an ear and to be a friend. During distribution, MSA members will be collecting personal testimonials of their conversations with homeless individuals, gathering their stories and ensuring their voices will be heard.

MSA members state there are many Islamic teachings that command them to help the needy and give to the less fortunate. They plan to assemble and distribute 100 supply packages in Hyde Park. Packages will be given out on March 25 and will include backpacks, sleeping bags, umbrellas, toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks and granola bars.

To learn more or to make a donation, please contact Annandale MSA faculty advisor and Associate Professor of Mathematics Khadiga Gamgoum at or 703.323.4039.

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