Darwin Day at Annandale

On February 16, the NOVA Honors Program at the Annandale Campus held its annual Darwin Day celebration. Organized by Professor Ilya Tëmkin and NOVA Honors, the event drew a diverse crowd of over 100 faculty and students who were treated to a variety of presentations.

Professors Callan Bentley spoke of parasitism, Mihaela Chamberlin elevated the plight of birds and the importance of Rachel Carson’s work, while Karen Bushaw-Newton spoke of the dynamic role human urbanization has been playing in species evolution. Professor Emeritus Ralph Eckerlin gave a delightful presentation on Alfred Wallace and his contributions to the theory of evolution, which are often overshadowed by Darwin’s contributions.

Tëmkin closed the celebration with his views on evolutionary theory highlighting themes found in his new book, “Evolutionary Theory: A Hierarchical Perspective” (The University of Chicago Press, 2016). The book was edited by Niles Eldredge, Telmo Pievani, Emanuele Serrelli and Tëmkin.

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