NOVA Students and Faculty Ignite at George Mason

NOVA Students and Faculty Ignite at George Mason

NOVA Students and Faculty Ignite at George Mason
Paul Fitzgerald (AN Biology), Kirstin Riddick (AL Technology Innovation Learning Teaching (TILT), three NOVA students, and Frances Villagran-Glover, learning and technology resources dean.

If you had only five minutes to inspire someone about your passion, what would you say?

Inspire them about achieving their educational goals. That is what three students and two faculty members did at the Pathway to the Baccalaureate Kickoff event held at George Mason University on March 11. Over 500 high school seniors and parents were in attendance geared to help them prepare for their first year at NOVA.

Student and faculty Ignite speakers shared their personal stories of challenge, persistence and motivation in achieving their dreams. The Ignite talks consisted of how to get involved on campus, having close connections with faculty, giving back to the community and words of advice on staying strong, never giving up and dreaming big. Ignite NOVA is an innovative approach designed to build community and to foster connections inside and outside the classroom.

“Our student Ignite speakers were the superstars of the event. Not only did they inspire their peers, they continually remind us why we’re here at NOVA…students first,” said Frances Villagran-Glover.

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