MEC Faculty and Staff Participate in Local Career Event

MEC Faculty and Staff Participate in Local Career Event
MEC faculty and staff participate in the South Lakes High School career event.

Each year, sophomores at South Lakes High School engage in a career unit as part of their English curriculum in which they explore various career options and what careers might be of interest to them individually. At the end of this curriculum, which lasts approximately two weeks, there is a career exploration event in which up to 40 different career professionals participate so that students have the opportunity to learn first-hand from real people employed in real careers.

MEC Faculty and Staff Participate in Local Career Event
Amy McCarty and Stefanie Thompson

As part of this event, the school makes an effort to ensure that a wide variety of fields are represented, from the arts and STEM to business and medicine. The event also provides a comprehensive range of education and training options, from apprenticeships to graduate professional degrees.

Participating professionals are asked to talk with students, not only about what they do and what education and training they needed, but also about what they did starting in high school (classes taken, volunteer and part-time jobs, sports and other extracurricular participation, etc.) to help them prepare for their future. Professionals are encouraged to share their personal experiences, both what worked and perhaps things they wish they had done differently. They are also encouraged to be honest about the potential for their career fields for students currently considering them.

MEC Faculty and Staff Participate in Local Career Event
Dr. Jody Gundrum speaking with students about professional and career options.

To assist with the earning process and to enrich students’ learning, eight Medical Education Campus (MEC) professionals attended the seventh career event at South Lakes High School on March 23. Tara Verslius represented radiation oncology; Kelley Brockway, diagnostic medical sonography; Amy McCarty and Stefanie Thompson, phlebotomy and medical lab technology; Dr. Jody Gundrum, physical therapist assistant; Dr. Lisbeth Shewmaker, dental assisting; Jarice Risper, radiography; and Maria Nieto represented education, foreign languages and medical interpreting. Visuals and hands-on toys illustrating the MEC programs were part of the highlight at this event.

South Lakes High School appreciated the time MEC faculty and staff gave and the thought and effort put into helping more than 600 sophomores make the connection between their current high school performance and some of the options available to them in the future.

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