Kirsten Mentzer Presents at 32nd Computers in Libraries 2017

Kirsten Mentzer, technology specialist in the library at the Medical Education Campus (MEC), presented at the 32nd Computers in Libraries 2017. Computers in Libraries is a nationally renowned conference focusing on computers and technology as used by all types of libraries and librarians. Mentzer was part of a panel that included Meghan Kowalski from Catholic University, Alex Zealand from Arlington Public Library and Lennea Bower from Montgomery County libraries. Mentzer had worked at Catholic University with Kowalski as a co-editor of social media. She met Zealand and Bower at a previous Computers in Libraries conference through the #CIL social hashtag and all four remained in contact to share stories, ideas and methods to maintaining social media for a library. They came together for this conference to offer their insight into developing and maintaining a social media voice of the library.

Kirsten Mentzer Presents at 32nd Computers in Libraries 2017

Mentzer is part of a team at NOVA Libraries that monitors the social voice of the College libraries. She discussed how the NOVA team works together to make certain the Instagram, Facebook page and the Twitter feed are updated and the information is accurate. She discussed how the library social media voice is evolving as the library evolves. She shared her experiences with taking over the social media presence and how important it was to review the types of platforms and what works best for NOVA Libraries. Attendees of the session came away with a deeper understanding that a social media voice is more than just informational posts; that a voice needs to be developed that reflects the library and that this voice needs to be sustainable.

Congratulations to Mentzer for sharing the NOVA Libraries social media voice with everyone at the conference.

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