Loudoun Dual Enrollment Students Win Math Competition

Loudoun Dual Enrollment Students Win Math Competition

OLoudoun Dual Enrollment Students Win Math Competition n April 7, 40 NOVA students from all campuses demonstrated a great love for mathematics during the fifth Annual NOVA Mathematics Competition at the Annandale Campus. Provost Pam Hilbert was this year’s guest of honor and gave the opening remarks and encouraged the contestants to do their best.

Math Assistant Professor Kumnit Nong started the Math Competition five years ago in an effort to showcase NOVA students’ abilities and to give them the opportunity to challenge each other.

“The competition is to bring students, faculty and staff together for networking and to give students a challenge,” Nong said.

Loudoun Dual Enrollment Students Win Math Competition
Six Math Competition winners: Long Tran, Quyen Dao, Clayton Cox, Jui Tao Tsai, Diego Valencia and Jason Yu.

The questions during the competition covered a range of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) material. Students were required to have a partner to compete in the competition. Nong said this gave students a chance to reach out to friends and find someone outside their comfort zone and who study other STEM fields to assist them. Twenty teams made up of two students each participated in the competition.

This year’s first place winning team included Jason Yu and Diego Valencia – ninth and eighth grade home-schooled students taking dual enrollment Calculus II at the Loudoun Campus. Clayton Cox and Jui Tao Tsai won second place and Long Tran and Quyen Dao earned third place. Prizes for the winners included a Samsung Galaxy tablet, Apple TV and textbooks. Each member of the top three teams received $100, $50 and $25 gift cards.

This year’s Math Competition was made possible by the following sponsors: Hilbert and Claudia Chirinos of the Annandale Provost’s Office, Tank McCarl of Student Life, Kevin DeLeon of Cengage Learning, Tami Dreyfus of Pearson Education and Community Outreach Coordinator Bob Hull.


Also, thank you to the organizing faculty and staff: Nong, Barbara Tolley, Alpana Das, Jeff Vetrano, Sumitava Chatterjee, Terrence Krize, Martin Bredeck, Matthew Westerhoff, Burak Sandikci, Picessylia Safiransi Anakay and Samnan Po. Additionally, the Math Competition Committee would like to thank NOVA alumnus Kespisey Kong for helping design flyers and a registration form for this year’s competition. For a complete list and to view more photos from the event, visit their website.

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