NOVA Honors Attends Southern Regional Honors Conference

NOVA Honors was well-represented at the 45th Annual Southern Regional Honors Conference (SRHC) on March 30 to April 1 in Asheville, North Carolina. The conference, hosted by the University of North Carolina at Asheville, focused on “Diving into Diversity: Obligations and Opportunities in Honors Education.” NOVA College-wide Honors Coordinator Stacy Rice, Alexandria Honors Chair John Sound and Annandale Honors Chair Paul Fitzgerald took six NOVA Honors Program students to the conference.

All of the students presented original research and had the chance to meet and work with students and faculty from four-year universities and two-year colleges. Rice was elected vice president of the SRHC for 2017-2018, while Sound and Fitzgerald were selected as conference co-chairs for 2018, as NOVA will host the 2018 SRHC Conference, which will occur in Washington, D.C., next spring.

This is a huge honor, as it also will be sponsored in part by the Virginia Collegiate Honors Council, who will have their conference in conjunction with the SRHC. It will be the first time that these two prestigious conferences will be hosted by one college and NOVA is excited to be the host for both events. The NOVA Honors Program continues to appreciate the support NOVA administration provides to the program and students as well as the Honors Committee for its help nominating, mentoring and assisting these students in all steps of the conference process.

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