Spring Adjunct Professional Development Day at NOVA

Spring Adjunct Professional Development Day at NOVA

Spring Adjunct Professional Development Day at NOVA
Keynote speaker Dr. Sajjad Khan and Loudoun Provost Julie Leidig answer questions from a captivated audience.

On April 8, the Loudoun Campus hosted a very successful Spring Adjunct Professional Development Day (APDD). Over 125 part-time faculty from NOVA’s six campuses, as well as dual enrollment instructors from the public school systems, attended the event.

Dr. Sajjad Khan of Neuroscience Inc., an experienced clinician and researcher, provided the keynote address focused on accommodating and supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the college environment. Well received by attendees, Khan’s presentation explained the student experience of those with autism, challenges related to the transition to college and ways faculty can help students adjust to new expectations and demands.

NOVA full and part-time faculty facilitated additional workshops throughout the morning on a variety of topics including independent learning, growth mindset, BlackBoard, emotional intelligence, supporting students of color, library resources, police services and much more. Special thanks to the presenters: Ramezan Dowlati, Jon Goldberg, Bridget Pool, Meena Nayak, Karen Doheney, Steve Clarke, Carlin Barmada, Robert Dusek, John Weinstein, Sandy Yancy, Hong Wang, Emily Sprouse, Allison Correll, Kristen Carter, Joe Agnich, Georgeana Stratton, Susan Idziak, Chrystie Greges, Julie Combs, Tierney Pitzer and Josh Pachter.

Laura Siko, of the APDD planning team, said, “This event is a great opportunity for our part-time faculty to learn new teaching techniques and network with colleagues whom they may not otherwise see. We always receive very positive feedback about the program and hope that an attendee finds it a worthwhile use of his or her Saturday morning.”

Adjunct professional development at NOVA’s Loudoun Campus is co-managed by Associate Deans Lisa Stelle and Laura Jacyna, with assistance from faculty member Will Straight (Geology). Other volunteers pivotal to the smooth operation of the event were Sue Dickson (Horticulture) and Marsil Zook (Geographic Information Systems).

The APDD planning team is now accepting workshop proposals for the fall 2017 gathering slated for Saturday, August 19. Faculty or staff interested in facilitating a session can submit a proposal online.

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