Annandale Campus Acknowledges Student Accomplishments

Annandale Campus Acknowledges Student Accomplishments

Annandale Campus Acknowledges Student Accomplishments
Students in Liberal Arts awarded and acknowledged during the ceremony.

During its 2017 Student Achievement Awards Ceremony, NOVA’s Annandale Campus acknowledged 50 students for their accomplishments and for receiving prestigious scholarships to continue on their educational journeys. The ceremony was hosted at the Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center at the Annandale Campus.

Annandale Campus Provost Pam Hilbert opened the ceremony by congratulating the students and thanking everyone who supports them including family, friends, faculty and staff. Hilbert said that NOVA continues to grow and make an impact on student lives as exceptional students continue to excel and make an impact on the College.

“We hope that as more students attend NOVA, they’ll be able to experience some of these growing opportunities,” Hilbert said.

Annandale Campus Acknowledges Student Accomplishments
Students in the Languages and Literature Program recognized and awarded for their achievements.

Hilbert introduced the keynote speaker NOVA President Scott Ralls, mentioning his aspirations to continue to provide unique opportunities for a diverse student body at NOVA. During his keynote address, Ralls congratulated and thanked the award recipients, their families and friends and the faculty and staff who work in various departments to make the College great.

“Today we’re celebrating student accomplishments. This is my very favorite time of the year because of times like today,” Ralls said. “The weather is nice outside, and the flowers are blooming, but our students have grown and bloomed into who they are as individuals as well.”

Annandale Campus Acknowledges Student Accomplishments
Students in the Math, Science and Engineering Department recognized and awarded.

Ralls encouraged the students to continue with confidence to reach their goals and succeed in their chosen careers. He also asked them to share their stories of overcoming various circumstances and how NOVA helped along the way.

Awards were announced for Business and Public Services, Languages and Literature, Liberal Arts and Math, Science and Engineering.

Award recipients included:

Business and Public Services

Jason Erdo, Vincenza Marie Githens, Ngoc Truong Bao Huynth, Daniel Yenny Macedo Diaz, Ronald Lee Phelps, Jr., Robin Alessa Schrantz and Shengwei Hu

Languages and Literature

Matthew Dudley Bryant, Num Chhetri, Aleksandra Karolina Deptuch, Radwa Elsayed, Courtney Keys, Yekaterina Konstantinovna Le, Ayda Mengistie, Karen Ritchie, Shaun Salehi, Erika Schaaf, Piang-Or Tosaganjana and Michael Worm

Liberal Arts

Rakan Alzarqa Nina Avedissian, Steele Farnsworth, Camila Garcia, Laura Garcia, Rachel Giles, Gustav Hebner, Junyoung Heo, Hongbo Ma, Jennifer Mills, Jerico Ortanez, Anna Otto, Sofia de la Pena, Elizabeth Peters, Alisa Punyaratabhan, Jui-Tao Tsai, Magnus Urps and Michelle Washington

Math, Science and Engineering

Pyung Lee, Ryan Bhojwani, Rachel Buck, Pyung Lee, Adelaide Odame, Emanuel Okorie, Vanessa Puello Lozano, Joshua Ricciardi, Vo Thanh Long Tran and Alejandro Zuniga Sosa

Refreshments were served before and after the ceremony. Event organizers included Connie Childress, Jen Daniels, Celeste Dubeck-Smith, Abe Eftekhari, Judith Gomez, Nancy Minogue, Zahra Ogun, Burt Peretti and Jennifer Rainey.

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