Dr. Joseph Windham Student Voices Conference Showcases Research

Dr. Joseph Windham Student Voices Conference Showcases Research

Thirty-five NOVA students presented projects, research and academic studies during the annual Dr. Joseph Windham Student Voices Conference on April 20 at the Alexandria Campus. More than 40 people attended the event to engage in a learning experience on some of the students’ major achievements during spring 2017.

The Dr. Joseph Windham Student Voices Conference gives students the opportunity to showcase their academic work of depth and quality. Students who participated had 10 to 12 minutes to present their work, and the event also gave students the opportunity to interact with the audience during a Q&A and panel discussion. Students were allowed to present on a number of topics including literature, filmmaking, language and cultural studies, women and gender studies, race relations and economics.

“We’ve been fortunate at this campus to have amazing faculty,” said Liberal Arts Division Dean Jimmie McClellan during his introduction and welcome. “Dr. Windham was one of those faculty members, and he was deeply involved in this conference before we renamed it in his honor. This is a great conference, and there is some great work you’ll see here by NOVA students.” 

Dr. Joseph Windham Student Voices Conference Showcases Research
Student, who is also on the NOVA Forensics Team, presents her research at the conference.

The conference started with riveting performances by the NOVA Forensics Team lead by Dr. Nathan Carter. NOVA Forensics Team members Kuoamy Davis Brown and Tilford Clark II recently took home gold medals for their performances in the 2017 Phi Rho Pi National Tournament. Throughout the day, students gave presentations and speeches on their recent projects on topics such as “A Comparison of Two Types of Electrodynamic Wheels,” “Muon Monitoring,” “Color and the Use of Space” and “Conversations on Blackness.”

Dr. Joseph Windham was a beloved history professor at the Alexandria Campus for 25 years before he passed away after a battle with cancer. Windham is remembered as an amazing friend, a compassionate educator, an influential activist and an advocate for education for everyone.

Student Voices was highly attended throughout the day, and Alexandria Provost Annette Haggray also made an appearance. The conference was created and is presented by the Alexandria Campus Diversity Committee and Assistant Dean of English Shonette Grant organized the event.

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  1. This is a fine tribute to an extraordinary educator. He would be thrilled to know that it is not only continuing, but getting better in every way. Kudos not only to the participants, but to the organizers as well!

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