Liberal Arts Week at the Annandale Campus

Liberal Arts Week at the Annandale Campus
A student in an introductory communication course performs the Gettysburg Address.

On April 17, the Annandale Campus kicked off Liberal Arts Week, showcasing the liberal arts degree, disciplines and classes. There were a variety of events, including a major fair, where students were able to meet liberal arts faculty, get advising help and learn about disciplines within liberal arts.

Students were very actively involved in the week. The History Club participated in the major fair by speaking to students about why they love the discipline, and theatre students performed monologs outdoors to show off the acting skills they honed in an introductory theatre class with Professor Sara Weinstock. Professor Nan Peck’s students performed “soapbox speeches” on the plaza and recited the Gettysburg Address to an appreciative crowd.

Liberal Arts Week at the Annandale Campus
A student takes a virtual tour through an art museum, highlighting the contributions of art history in the liberal arts.

Other events included “art selfies” with the help of the Faculty Student Resource Center, where students were able to take photos of themselves in a work of fine art or a film scene. They were also able to tour an art museum virtually, using a virtual reality machine. The Student Art Awards Exhibition was also held this week, and students showcased their outstanding artwork in the Ernst Verizon Gallery.

Liberal Arts faculty also celebrated the week by offering professional development workshops that highlighted liberal arts topics, including “Best Practices for Teaching Presentation Skills” and “Navigating Political Discussions in the Classroom.”

Liberal Arts Week at the Annandale Campus
Students participate in the fair and learn about what the disciplines have to offer.

The week culminated with the Student Academic Achievement Awards, wherein students in the Liberal Arts were recognized for their academic achievements, along with winners from other divisions. Winners of the Spring Music Competition were also recognized for their talents at the ceremony, as were the recipients of the Clayton Joyner Award.

The week was a wonderful celebration of all that liberal arts has to offer at NOVA.

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