NOVA Cultural Interaction in the Classroom

Suzanne Neff’s Intercultural Communication class met with Carol Ischinger’s English as a Second Language (ESL) 32 class this semester. The first time they met, each student partnered with a student from the other class. The ESL students were especially interested in learning about different classes they could take and their partners’ educational goals. The Intercultural Communication students wanted to learn about the countries and cultures of the ESL students and of any difficulty transitioning to the American culture. Both classes were asked to meet again, so students met again in April to continue their conversation over a lunch prepared by the ESL class. Each student brought a traditional food from their country and everyone enjoyed food from Pakistan, Morocco, Peru, India, Iran, China, Ethiopia and Lebanon.

NOVA Cultural Interaction in the Classroom
Intercultural Communication class and ESL class enjoyed a luncheon together.

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  1. What a great idea!!!! This is a model we can all learn from!!! Do a workshop and write Nd article!!!! This is innovative collaborative learning! Wow!

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