NOVA Forensics Team Shines at Nationals

NOVA Forensics Team Shines at Nationals

NOVA Forensics Team Shines at Nationals
(L to R) Dr. Nathan Carter (AL), Elizabeth Weatherly (CS), Jess Dunn (AL), Tasha Smith (AL) Jordan Drake (MA), Catt Christian (AL), Darren John (AL), Kouamy Brown (AL), Tilford Clark (AL), Sofia De La Pena (AN), Professor Kush Jenkins (LO) Brigitte Chavez (AN), Bridget Whelpley (LO), Professor Saleha Bholat (LO) and Roma Diseati (NOVA Alumni)

NOVA’s Forensics Team competed valiantly at the 2017 Phi Rho Pi National Tournament. After the week-long competition in debate, public speaking and literature performance events, students from the team emerged successful and victorious.

Winners included Kouamy Brown (AL) and Tilford Clark (AL) who took home NOVA’s first gold medal in Dramatic Duo Performance; Jordan Drake (MA) and Sofia De La Pena (AN) won the bronze medal in Team Parliamentary Debate; Bridget Whelpley (LO) was awarded a bronze medal for her efforts in Informative Speaking; Kouamy Brown (AL) won a bronze medal in Poetry Interpretation; and Jordan Drake (MA) took home a silver medal in Single Parliamentary Debate.

In total, NOVA brought home seven medals at this highly competitive tournament. As a team, NOVA ended with the highest finish ever and earned a Bronze Medal in Team Sweepstakes.

NOVA also had two dynamic interpreters’ theatre in competition at the Phi Rho Pi National Tournament. Interpreters’ theatre requires students to work with a faculty member to memorize a 25-minute performance about a topic of choice that dramatizes an issue using chosen facts, reports and excerpts from poetry, plays, songs or prose materials.

The 25-minute ensemble performance titled, “Slight of Mind” dramatized the importance of strengthening your imagination in our current information-obsessed age. “Slight of Mind” featured a talented cast that included Brigitte Chavez (AL), Cathryn Christian (AL) and Whelpley.

The theater show titled, “Bait” was all about the dangers of the digital phenomena known as catfishing. “Bait” featured a talented cast that included Brown, Jess Dunn (AL and Dundee & Angus College in Scotland) Tasha Smith (AL and Dundee & Angus College in Scotland) and Darren John (AL and Dundee & Angus College in Scotland). Both shows were arranged and directed by Dr. Nathan Carter (AL), director of the NOVA Forensics Team.

In addition to competing, NOVA also was the official host of the 2017 Phi Rho Pi National Tournament. The tournament lasted for a full week and featured a total of 850 participants representing 60 different community colleges from across the country.

Carter and NOVA Vice President of Institutional Advancement Elizabeth Weatherly delivered welcoming remarks at the stunning opening ceremony. In addition, Emmy-award winning journalist Pete Williams, from NBC Nightly News, delivered a riveting keynote address about the importance of communication and responsible media consumption. It was an excellent opening ceremony that left the student membership excited, inspired and ready to compete.

Hosting the 2017 Phi Rho Pi Community College National Tournament requires an extensive amount of work and dedication. In addition to Carter, Professor Saleha Bholat (LO), assistant director of forensics, worked hard all year long to put on a great tournament. It was an amazing event. Professor Kush Jenkins (LO), assistant director, was also instrumental with planning and hosting duties along with Brian Anweiler (CS) and Linda Campos (AL).

Special thanks to Meredith Aquila (AL), Dr. Shonette Grant (AL) and Professor Shelly Bachner (AL) for volunteering their time to judge for one day at the week-long event.

This event concludes NOVA’s fifth competitive season of intercollegiate forensics. The team looks forward to next year and now shifts to recruiting new team members for the 2017-2018 competitive season.

If you would like more information about the NOVA Forensics Team, please contact Nathan Carter at about summer workshops and training or recruiting schedules for next year.

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  1. We are very proud of all of you! You are advancing Nova’s reputation nationally. We appreciate your hard work, discipline and dedication!

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