Ace Is Immortalized in Wood at Manassas Campus

Chainsaw artist Andrew Mallon of AM Sculptures recently carved a realistic likeness of Ace, the NOVA Nighthawk, at the Manassas Campus as part of the back to school events sponsored by Student Life.

Wielding a large chainsaw and other power tools, Mallon started by creating an outline of NOVA’s mascot in a block of poplar. Over the course of an hour Mallon carved details of Ace’s face along with the words “NOVA” and “Nighthawk.” Next, he highlighted various parts of the artwork by burning the wood and then removing some of charred areas with a stiff brush. He also used paint to emphasize Ace’s features. The finished sculpture will be housed in a place of honor at the Manassas Campus.

The chainsaw show was streamed live on NOVA’s Facebook page by Brian Anweiler, Heather Riddell and Daniela Sinner.Ace Is Immortalized in Wood at Manassas Campus

Special thanks to Student Life Coordinator Marcie Schreibman for coordinating this interesting event.

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