Annandale Opens Digital Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

Annandale Opens Digital Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

The Annandale Campus hosted a ribbon cutting and celebration ceremony for the official opening of Digital Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory in the CS Building. Anatomy and Physiology Assistant Dean Cindy Miller explained that the Math, Science and Engineering (MSE) Division – under the leadership of Dr. Abe Eftekhari (formerly the MSE dean, who is currently on sabbatical) and with the constant support of MSE Acting Dean Mary Vander Maten – was able to dedicate space for the lab and new equipment.

Annandale Opens Digital Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
Annandale faculty and staff familiarize themselves with the new Anatomage Table in the Digital Anatomy and Physiology Lab.

The centerpiece of the lab includes one of two Anatomage Tables at Annandale. These create life size 3-D reconstruction of actual cadavers. These tables virtually reconstruct the actual and accurate 3-D anatomy from real cadavers and allow users to visualize anatomy just as they would with an actual cadaver. The lab also features AdInstruments Powerlabs for physiology work such as EKG, EEG, EEG, spirometry, blood pressure functions and much more. Additionally, the lab is equipped with digital microscopy capabilities in which computers can act as microscopes. Miller explained that, with the help of her colleagues, she wrote a proposal for the equipment and was awarded the Perkins Grant. The division received the two Anatomage Tables from the proceeds of a Perkins Grant. The second table is located in Annandale’s Science Learning Center. The other equipment for the lab was provided by the Annandale Campus.

Annandale Opens Digital Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
Students attend the ribbon cutting for the new Digital Anatomy and Physiology Lab where Assistant Dean Cindy Miller walked them through how to operate the new Anatomage Table.

“All of the equipment together makes this lab unique at NOVA and brings NOVA’s teaching into alignment with what’s going on in the workplaces where we send our students,” Miller said.

To accommodate the space needed for a proper lab, a classroom was converted and two doors leading to the new lab were constructed at the back of two existing wet labs. The new lab space can comfortably fit about 28 students for instruction. Miller said the MSE team is now working on creating activities and developing curriculum to incorporate the new equipment.

“We’re so very fortunate to have this lab space with world class technology,” Miller said. “This is a great resource for our students, who will have this experience and can go out and have this edge in their careers.”

After the brief ceremony, MSE hosted an open house where they provided information about the new lab and the equipment that will be used to prepare students for real-world careers. Students also toured the space and got acquainted with the new Anatomage Table. Dr. Robert Wade, interim dean of Allied Health at the Medical Education Campus, also attended the celebration and discussed the capabilities of the Anatomage Table with faculty and students.

MSE thanked Vander Maten, Eftekhari, Vice President of Instructional and Information Technology Steve Sachs, Annandale Provost Pamela Hilbert, Vice President of Workforce Development Steven Partridge, Pathway to the Baccalaureate Education Administrator Jolene Virgo, Associate Biology Professor and Engineering Assistant Dean Paul Lea, IT Client Services Director Wayne Ledford, Campus Operations Annandale Director Rizwan Rahman, Geology Assistant Professor Shelley Jaye, IT Specialists Leslie Toomer and Howard Treichler, Biology Lab Manager Simin Assadi, Campus Renovations Coordinator Cheryl Robinette, Biology Lab Staff Fay Tarighi and IT Manager Bruce Ghofrany for making the lab possible.


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