NOVA Police Active Shooter Preparedness Training in November

NOVA Police Active Shooter Preparedness Training in November
NOVA officers training on hallway movement under the watchful eye of a certified instructor.

The horrific events in Las Vegas remind us that predators can strike seemingly safe places with little warning and with deadly effect.

NOVA Police train regularly to deal with such a threat. They train on current tactics under the direction of three officers who are certified active incident response trainers. NOVA officers meet regularly with officers from local agencies to ensure the latter are familiar with our campuses and NOVA officer tactics and equipment. The goal is seamless integration of NOVA Police and local responders in the event of an emergency. Additionally, NOVA officers practice armed response drills at the firearms range. They also have all the necessary tools and guidance to execute this dangerous mission.

In the event of an active incident, NOVA officers will respond immediately, but since it may take two to three minutes for them to arrive, all members of the NOVA community should have a plan to protect themselves and be familiar with active shooter response options.

During November, NOVA Police will conduct active shooter response training for the entire NOVA community. This training will be held on each campus and is open to all. Come and empower yourself to protect your own life and the lives of others. For times and locations, check out the November Public Safety Newsletter’s last page. The newsletter will come to your email and will be available online.

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