NOVA College Identity and Wordmark Guidelines

NOVA College Identity and Wordmark Guidelines Faculty and staff are asked to remember to use “NOVA” when referring to Northern Virginia Community College (not “NVCC,” except when referring to the NVCC Educational Foundation).

NOVA’s Identity Guidelines states, “Throughout the region we serve, Northern Virginia Community College is widely known as ‘NOVA’ among all sectors and demographic groups. Recognizing the powerful equity and goodwill that has been invested in this name, the College is committed to consistently integrating ‘NOVA’ into all of its future branding and marketing efforts.”

NOVA Wordmarks (logos) are readily available online for all faculty and staff in various formats. They are available in either: 2-color, 1-color or Black styles, in a horizontal or vertical layout. Please note, the two-color logo is required if your printing method allows for it.

All faculty and staff are also asked to review the College Identity Guidelines. The guidelines denote what steps should be followed whenever speaking or writing about the College.

If you have questions, feel free to contact College Marketing, Web and Creative Services at

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