NOVA Honors Program Pinning Ceremony

NOVA Honors Program Pinning Ceremony

The NOVA Honors Program is pleased to announce the induction of 11 new Honors Program students. On September 28, the Loudoun Campus and Provost Julie Liedig hosted the fall 2017 Honors Pinning Ceremony.

After a lovely welcome from Liedig, Dr. Rebecca Hayes, Manassas Honors chair, spoke on the history of the NOVA Honors Program and introduced the guest speaker of the night. A recent NOVA Honors alumni, Annaliess Trommatter, discussed her Honors journey – the triumphs and struggles. She encouraged the new inductees to take advantage of all the opportunities the NOVA Honors Program has to offer.

NOVA Honors Program Pinning Ceremony
Stacy Rice (College-Wide Honors Coordinator), Dr. Rebecca Hayes (MA Honors Chair), new Honors Program students, Dr. Nelson Kofie (LO Honors Chair), Patrick Dawes (WO Honors Chair), Dr. Paul Fitzgerald (AN Honors Chair) and Dr. Sheri Robertson (Associate VP for Academic Services).

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, Annandale Honors chair, discussed the upcoming Honors Symposium at the Manassas Campus where Honors Program students can present their original research, win awards and become eligible to present at the spring Virginia Collegiate Honors Council Conference and Southern Regional Honors Council Conference. Both of those prestigious conferences are hosted by NOVA in Crystal City in April 2018.

Professor Stacy Rice, the college-wide honors coordinator, and Dr. Sheri Robertson, associate vice president for academic services, spoke on the benefits of Honors and the community of support that now exists for these students. Rice challenged students to set their own goals and expectations, while Robertson reflected on where these new opportunities could lead them.

NOVA Honors Program Pinning Ceremony
Loudoun Provost Julie Liedig

The resounding message was one of hope and excitement and students learned that they are now part of a larger community of NOVA Honors students. They were reminded of their ability to potentially transfer into Honors Programs at numerous state universities, all of which have memorandums of understanding with the NOVA Honors Program and will accept Honors credits into their Honors programs.

Also in attendance to assist with the “pinning” of the students were the Loudoun and Woodbridge Honors chairs, Dr. Nelson Kofie and Professor Patrick Dawes.

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