NOVA Student Versus Staff Kickball Match at Loudoun

NOVA Student Versus Staff Kickball Match at Loudoun

On a hot, sunny day in early October, you could find NOVA students and the staff of the Loudoun Campus giving it their all just like any other day. Unlike any other day, however, the sweat, passion and emotion were being put on display outside of their respective offices and classrooms. On the Dr. Jim Tiffany Memorial Field, the students and staff of Loudoun were participating in the first Student vs. Staff Kickball Game and it was a matchup for the ages.

NOVA Student Versus Staff Kickball Match at LoudounIt was youth versus experience in this ragtag, knock-down-drag-out battle. The staff took an early 4-0 lead in the second inning but the students would respond in the third to tie it up and then take the lead in the fourth to make the score 4-5. The students would hold the lead through top of the fifth but behind the captaining of Thomas “Chalky” Chalk (Transfer Advising), the solid defense of Joshua Luke (Campus Police), the blistering speed around the bases from Baron Osong (First Year Advising) and the pure, unadulterated enthusiasm of Courtney Hunt (Library Services) the staff would come back in the fifth and sixth innings to make the final score 16-7. In the end, the experience would prove to be too much for the students.

NOVA Student Versus Staff Kickball Match at LoudounDespite the final score, the real winner of this game was the Loudoun Campus. It takes all of the students, staff and faculty coming together to make NOVA the incredible community that it is. No doubt that the students will want another crack at the champs and on that day the staff will respond with enthusiasm to defend the title.

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