Campus Recreation and Wellness Engages Students

Campus Recreation and Wellness Engages Students

NOVA Campus Recreation and Wellness is all about engaging with students on multiple levels delivering a product to enhance their overall wellness. The many different activities implemented by the recreation and wellness department across all NOVA campuses are to not only enrich NOVA students’ social skills and physical activity but to also give them a sense of purpose on campus outside of academics.

Campus Recreation and Wellness Engages StudentsThe Campus Recreation and Wellness department hosted a Faculty/Staff versus Students kickball game for Breast Cancer Awareness on the Manassas, Loudoun and Annandale campuses. Faculty and staff from many different departments on each campus came together to challenge their student body teams in a friendly but competitive game of kickball.

“The events on each one of these campuses was amazing. The positive environment, engagement, teamwork and sense of community was second to none,” said Wellness Coordinator Rae Upchurch.

Campus Recreation and Wellness Engages StudentsOverall, the student teams prevailed, combining a record of 2-1 defeating Manassas (6-4) and Annandale (7-4). Loudoun faculty/staff was victorious winning their match 16-7.

“It is important for us to take opportunities like this to get to know and interact with students outside of our office. The extra rapport we build with our students in these type of events are invaluable,” said Michael McMillon, Loudoun student life specialist.

Campus Recreation and Wellness activities are open to all NOVA students, faculty and staff. To participate in any recreational or wellness activity, go online and register. Be sure to check out the NOVA Recreational Sports Facebook page.

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