MEC Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

MEC Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

The Radiology (Rad) Club students, led by Radiology Instructor and club advisor Maggie Massie, celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month in an unusual way at the Medical Education Campus (MEC) on October 17.

Creating a board with decorated bras, the group asked for donations from anyone willing to take a chance on their “Bra Pong” game. Toss ping pong balls into a bra and win a prize. You could hear the laughter up and down the halls and everyone had a wonderful time. The event was held at the Woodbridge Campus and then the MEC and was held again at the MEC on October 24.

All kidding aside, the fun game was to draw attention to the serious matter of women being screened for breast cancer. On their table, the students had plenty of information about mammograms, self-examination, as well as the different types of mammograms available.

Participating faculty, staff and students were very engaged and some even shared stories about their family or personal experience with breast cancer. Many questions were answered for those who asked, and mammogram X-ray images were available, so participants could see what mammogram images looked like, especially for those who have not had one.

The Rad Club plans to donate all proceeds from these events to further the cause of breast cancer awareness and prevention.

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