Professional Development and Division Swap a Success at Manassas

Professional Development and Division Swap a Success at Manassas

On October 10, NOVA faculty and staff were invited to participate in a hands-on professional development experience where they swapped divisions to learn what each academic division does and how they operate in an effort to build relationships from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

Professional Development and Division Swap a Success at Manassas The day began with the Sciences and Applied Technologies (S&AT) Division visiting Communications Technologies and Social Science (CT&SS) where they rotated through three, 15-minute stations that included a presentation and activity on “Brain Games: Sensation and Perception in Psychology” by Sara Gunnarson; “How Art Connects the Campus: Boldly Standing Together” by Matt Pinney, Barbara Lash and Rosemary Gallick; and “Word Play” by Laura Casal.

Professional Development and Division Swap a Success at Manassas The CT&SS faculty and staff then crossed the Campus to visit the S&AT offices and programs where they learned about the welding simulator, automotive scan tool station, the highly popular Anatomage table where a presentation titled: “Spare the Knife and Take a Glimpse of Body Parts,” and another called, “Quadcopters Take Flight – How Drones Work and How to Control Them” captivated attendees. It was important to Provost Molly Lynch that both divisions experience the innovation and ideas that often go unnoticed due to the hustle and bustle that impact faculty and staff on a daily basis.

After a hearty lunch, faculty and staff participated in a lively discussion to learn about “Working with Students with Mental Illness” in the Colgan Theater. The faculty and staff panel included representatives from both Student Services and Academics with insight provided by MaryAnn Raybuck, Mocha Dyrud, Mark Kidd, Corey Esparza, Rachelle Thompson and Chris Ovenden.

After the division swap and panel discussion, the College’s Institutional Advancement team presented updates along with three Manassas Campus offices. They gave a quick glimpse of the roles each has on the Campus. Presentations included the Manassas Enrollment Management and Academic Administration presented by Heidi Adamson, Cindy Klink and Jenni Barlet; overview of Campus and Community Relations with Ramunda Young and Deidre Howard; and Campus Operations and the budget process with Essala Lowe.

A big “thank you” to ThuyTien, work-study students, MaryAnn Schmitt, Gunnarson, Pinney, Lash, Gallick, Casal, Nina Lord, Matt Wayman, Tim Godfrey, John Hicks, Chris Eninger, Geeta Jadhav, Steve Rakoff, Ia Gomez and Dahlia Henry-Tett. The planning team received positive responses from faculty and staff, alike.

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