The Manassas Campus Hosts Local Middle School Students

Manassas Campus Hosts Middle School Students

The Manassas Campus hosted students from Manassas Park Middle School for their Road to College tour October 19. A fun-filled tour started with the students listening to Lisa Branson from Financial Aid talk about ways to fund their college career. Next, the group listened to Marcie Schreibman in Student Life talk about the Campus and student organizations.

Some of NOVA’s student ambassadors spoke about their rewarding experiences at the Manassas Campus. The middle school students then went on an interactive tour across the Manassas Campus that included a scavenger hunt in the NOVA Library; problem-solving with mathematics in the Khan Academy; an automotive safety interactive tour with Gary Phares on the patio where they learned how to check the tire pressure, rotate tires and use the code reader to find out what is wrong with a car; a juggling demonstration and hand perception from Chris Hafen in psychology; and a view of the human body on the Anatomage table in the Science Lab with Chris Eninger and Geeta Jadhav.

The students really enjoyed the problem-solving in mathematics. The event was a huge success and Manassas Park Middle School is looking forward to NOVA sharing the Manassas Campus with more students in the future.

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