Manassas and Woodridge Visit Summit Point Training Facility

Manassas and Woodridge Visit Summit Point

Dr. Victoria Hill-Megginson, Manassas Campus administration of justice faculty, orchestrated a field trip for students in the criminal justice program at NOVA. The trip was to Summit Point Training Facility on October 27. About 25 students attended from both the Manassas and Woodbridge campuses with the collaborative efforts of Woodridge Assistant Dean and Professor Lisa Baker. Four professors attended – Hill-Megginson, Baker, Professor Kim Crawford and Professor Dennis Staszak.

Manassas and Woodridge Visit Summit Point Training FacilityThe purpose of the trip was to show NOVA’s criminal justice students the type of training federal law enforcement officials receive at the Department of State Diplomatic Services. The visit provided students with the opportunity to see demonstrations by different sections (e.g., Explosive Countermeasures Unit, Self-Defense Unit, Basic Law Enforcement Course Instructors, and High Threat Units) and have real-life application of a career with the federal government.

Manassas and Woodridge Visit Summit Point Training FacilityStudents reportedly enjoyed seeing a mock attack at a simulated embassy, learning self-defense tactics, venturing through simulated smoke at a fire house and participating in a simulated roll over crash car.

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