Submission Guidelines

Getting your college news and information in Intercom is easy. NOVA faculty and staff may submit news items by email to You can include your story in the body of the email or as an attachment, providing you adhere to the guidelines listed below.

All submissions, including attachments (such as photos, graphics and flyers), are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the publication date.

*Deadline When the College Is Closed on a Monday:
If the College is closed on a Monday due to a holiday or inclement weather, contributors have until noon on the Tuesday prior to the publication date to submit their material(s). If inclement weather causes the College to be closed beyond Monday in a given week, the edition will be published at the earliest possible date and the submission deadline will be noon on the day the College reopens.

What to Send:
Please send short, unformatted articles either in the body of your email or attached in MS Word or MS Publisher. Articles must be 100-500 words. Do not include all CAPITALIZED, bold, italicized or underlined text, bulleted or numbered items, columns or pieces that are produced in a graphic formats. Articles should pertain to NOVA, its programs and/or employees. Intercom is unable to print opinion pieces, poetry or items that have no relevance to faculty, staff or the College.

Event Stories:
Stories on dated topics like art shows, concerts and other events will be limited to running in no more than three consecutive editions based on the event date. Intercom reserves the right to edit subsequent submissions after the first publication.

Flyers and other announcements sent as attachments must be in MS Word, MS Publisher, PowerPoint or PDF format. Any image formats like JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG need to be converted to readable text via OCR in Adobe Acrobat and saved as a PDF. Flyers submitted not meeting the requirements above will not be accepted. In addition, the page layout needs to be 8.5 x 11 portrait style (NOT landscape). Please understand that the Intercom staff may need to reformat your attachments for inclusion in the Flyers section of the publication.

Contributors must include the correct titles and campus affiliations — AL (Alexandria Campus), AN (Annandale Campus), LO (Loudoun Campus), MA (Manassas Campus), MEC (Medical Education Campus), WO (Woodbridge Campus) or CS (College Staff) for staff and faculty mentioned in articles/submissions.

Photos and Graphics:
All photos and graphics submitted as attachments must be in .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .eps or .psd format. Photo size must be at least 1024 x 768 pixels. Photos that are “grainy” or low resolution may not be used. If you are submitting photos from a mobile device, please send us “Actual Size”. 
Contributors need to include photo captions that correspond with all photo submitted and photo credit (if desired). Please submit no more than three photos. Please send your photos/graphics as attachments; DO NOT embed them in your MS Word document with your article. Faculty and staff contributors should only submit photos and graphics they have the rights and/or ownership to share. DO NOT submit photo collages; only files of individual photos will be accepted.

All contributors should review and adhere to NOVA’s policies and procedures regarding photographs and media prior to submitting to Intercom. The Photographs or Videos of Students section of the NOVA website states: “The official Release Agreement form must be signed by any student participating in a video or photo shoot produced by NOVA or specifically for NOVA. If the person being photographed is a minor, a parent or guardian must sign the form. Signed forms must be sent to the Public Information Office stating the reason why the photo(s) and/or video(s) were produced, along with contact information in case additional information is needed. An exception to this policy is when photographs are taken of students or groups of students in common areas such as lounges and outdoor areas. These photos may be used by the College for release to the media or for reproduction in NOVA publications. This policy is documented in detail in the Student Handbook.”

A parent must sign a Release Agreement for any photo(s) that include children under the age of 18 (in which their child(ren) are clearly visible in the shot), even if it is the child of an employee or staff. Please make sure to confirm in your submission that the signed release was submitted to the Public Information Office. The Intercom staff reserve the right to not publish any photo and/or graphic.

No external video submissions will be accepted. The videos used in Intercom are produced in-house for internal marketing purposes.

How to Send:
Email your NOVA news items from your NOVA email account by clicking on Intercom in your NOVA Outlook address book. You can also send news items to

Do Not Send:
Please do not send flyers, photos or lengthy articles and information and expect Intercom staff to condense the content for you. Intercom is an internal publication for staff and faculty, intended to inform peers, colleagues and subscribers about the accomplishments, successes and progress of NOVA and its employees. It is important that contributors check the details and accuracy of their articles before submitting their news.

Please Note: We do not publish poetry, degree or professional certification attainment notices, or event flyers of programs/events that are not sponsored or co-sponsored by NOVA and/or the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). However, we do encourage contributors to work with your campus relations specialist to provide guidance on marketing and communication for your campus.

As stated above, articles must be 100-500 words. All submissions are considered and subject to editing for length and clarity. Due to space, not all submissions will appear in the edition.

Content Revisions:
Intercom is a live publication. Only errors in content or typographical errors will be considered for update. Since requested revisions are completed live, you can only submit changes/revisions to up until 11:00 a.m. the next business day after the Monday publish.

Copyrighted Material:
Do not submit material that has been printed elsewhere unless you have written proof of permission to use the copyrighted content.

Intercom switched to a blog format in March 2012. The new format allows users to comment on stories. Feel free to use the comments box located below each story to congratulate a fellow colleague, ask a question, etc. All comments received are reviewed by a moderator first in an effort to prevent spam messages from getting through.

Publishing Schedule:
Intercom is published online every Monday, except during holidays. Inclement weather or technical emergencies may prevent Intercom from being posted on time. Intercom is published every other Monday during the summer.

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