App of the Week: Screencastify

Every now and then, one person or one company does one thing that ‘upsets the apple cart’ or changes the ‘status quo.’  Google is that company, and Screencastify is the next thing that will change the ‘status quo.’

Screencastify is not a traditional ‘app’ that you would find on Android or iTunes. However, it is an application that is a FREE extension on your Google Chrome Web Browser.

So, what is ScreenCastify and why does it change the ‘status quo’?

Screencastify allows users to record video directly from their Chrome web browser.  Imagine to easily create screencasts from your Chrome web browser that can turn into video tutorials, recorded presentations, etc.  Screencastify does not depend on any plugins and runs on all platforms that are able to run a Chrome web browser.  And because it is a Google product, it is a seamless transition to upload it to YouTube, or even save it to your Google Drive; you can also save your videos to the device you are using when screencasting.

But as I said, Screencastify changes the ‘status quo’ and here is why:  The ‘status quo’ is this conversation is the archaic, one-dimensional version of instruction, which is an instructor simply talking to (or lecturing) their students. Screencastify now makes it easier than ever to begin ‘flipping’ your classroom and transform your classroom environment in to a 21st century learning space.  With its easy integration into both your Chrome web browser and YouTube, it has never been easier to screencast from your computer.  Need more convincing? Then check out this quick tutorial on how to use Screencastify:

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