App of the Week: Daqri

Classroom learning opportunities used to be restricted to pictures and books.  We study the solar system through images and videos, attempting to place our students ‘in the environment.’  We study elements on the periodic chart in lab experiments, through chemical reactions.  In both cases, there are opportunities for the student to be engaged in their learning because they are experiencing it, but it still can leave the student looking for another learning experience . Daqri is that other learning experience.

Daqri is an augmented reality app for Apple and Android devices.  Augmented reality is a 4D experience, and in short, it scans flat images and makes them come alive revealing interactive 4D content and experiences for the user.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 8.27.44 AM

Imagine students using the Daqri app to scan elements from the periodic chart and combining them (into a compound) like sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl) making table salt; but the students get to SEE that result when they connect the elements together.  Imagine students being able to explore strands of DNA, develop interactive floor plans, take a closer look at the human body, or even learn about dinosaurs through the Daqri app.

Simply put, Daqri takes what used to be field trips, videos, pictures, or in-class readings, and turns them into an experience.  And Daqri is not stopping there; separate from the app, they also have 4D studio software and are experimenting with a 4D helmet.  Take a look at this video below and experience Daqri for yourself.

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