App of the Week: Padlet

Before you go crazy and say “Padlet is not an app, it’s a web tool,” I am here to tell you that YES, in fact Padlet has finally (for those users like myself and others who use it often) developed an iPad app.

For those of you who have never used Padlet, let me tell you why the app should be the next download you make: Padlet is a virtual “tabula rosa”, where users can put whatever they want on it. From images, to links, to embedded YouTube clips, to documents, to simple posts, Padlet is an all around collaborative experience.  Use Padlet in the classroom to brainstorm, to bookmark and share resources, as a platform for student portfolios, or even as a backchannel during in class activities and discussions.

Padlet is versatile, flexible, and easy to use (for teachers, students, and parents.) Imagine Padlet being a virtual bulletin board that you can share with parents during a ‘back to school night’ showcasing student work.  Whether in the same place, or in different areas, users on Padlet can connect and use it from just about anywhere, anytime.  Padlet also offers educators security features such as limiting who can view or post onto the ‘wall’, even allowing the instructor to view posts prior to them being uploaded to the wall.

Padlet is a great learning tool that is now both a web tool and an iPad app.  Get started using this FREE app and change the way you and your students collaborate and connect!

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.48.43 AM

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