Courses offered for Spring 2017!

For Spring 2017 I will be teaching several fine arts studio courses. Please check out the schedule and example syllabi below and let me know if you have questions.

M/W 9:30-12:20 Functional and Sculptural Ceramics

M/W 1:30-4:20- Ceramics 1 and 2

T 1:30-4:20 Fundamentals of Design 1 (this is a hybrid class!)

See you in the studio!

Art 131- Fundamentals of Design 1- Fall 2016
Art 153- Ceramics 1- Spring 2016
Art 154- Ceramics 2-Spring 2016
Art 235- Functional Ceramics- Fall 2016
Art 236- Sculptural Ceramics- Fall 2016


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