There’s No Debate: NOVA Forensics Team is Tops

There’s No Debate: NOVA Forensics Team is Tops

The Forensics Team is one of NOVA’s best-kept secrets, but it’s time to give the team some much deserved attention! What exactly is the Forensics Team, you might ask?

According to Professor Saleha Bholat, who is in her first year as assistant director of the team, “The word, ‘forensics’, is derived from Latin and is closely related to ‘forum’. A forum is an open exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of respect and responsibility…’forensic competitions’ in debate, public speaking, and literature performance were often held in Ancient Greece and later in Rome to assist in teaching students how to make strong arguments and deliver them with passion”, and the Forensics Team at NOVA is a proud descendant of this incredible tradition.

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A Conversation with Thomas Piketty from CUNY

Panel discussion led by Thomas Piketty, author, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” who discusses economic growth, returns on capital, and inequality with four economists: Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University; Paul Krugman, Princeton University; Steven Durlauf, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Branko Milanovic, CUNY Graduate Center. Introductions by Chase Robinson, CUNY Graduate Center, and Janet Gornick, Luxembourg Income Study Center. Taped April 16, 2014 at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Surplus vs. Deficit

What’s a trade deficit? It’s when the amount you spend on purchases is greater than the amount you make from selling your own stuff. Sound familiar? This video will give you a simple explanation on the topic.