Caught Integrating Technology: Constitution and Citizenship Week

IMG_3703I had the privilege of witnessing technology integration first hand during Constitution and Citizenship Week.  On our campus, Liberal Arts, Social and Professional Sciences, Student Services, and Learning and Technology Resources worked collaboratively to sponsor events that celebrate and commemorate the signing of the US Constitution and recognize its citizenry (current or aspiring).  While visiting some of the events, I pleasantly witnessed our teaching community using technology to engage our students.  Here is the evidence:




During many of the events, participants used Turning Point response cards (clickers) to engage in polls and surveys that were embedded in PowerPoint presentations.  Data from these multiple choice questions served as a springboard for in-depth discussion and debate.

In the Library, students were registering to vote during our Rock the Vote campaign using iPads.




It is exciting to see technology used on our campus to ignite and spark compelling discussion and civic engagement.  Kudos to all involved in making this happen.

Caught Integrating Technology – Green Screen Style


Kudos to Paralegal Studies Professor Kelly Hebron who harnessed the power of green screen technology and Camtasia to create a video announcement for her students. Professor Hebron is the first NOVA Alexandria campus faculty member to take advantage of our Multimedia MakerSpace, located in AA 343. With the support of Team TILT, she used Camtasia to create a screencast, edit her content, and place her final video on YouTube.  Her unlisted video on YouTube was embedded it in BlackBoard Announcements!  She truly managed to app smash.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 5.13.11 PM

Caught Integrating Technology – The “Invisible” Professor

One of the essential questions I ask instructors from time-to-time, (especially during the Winter when delayed openings and school closings occur with frequency) is “What do you do to ensure continuity of instruction when classes are cancelled?”  Yesterday, Team ISD witnessed an innovative practice to make sure instruction took place regardless of the weather. Leslie Orzetti-Gollhoffer, Biology Instructor, used Google Hangouts to do just that.  When an act of mother nature kept her from getting to class, she leveraged a team to set up Google hangouts in her classroom to ensure a seamless delivery of instruction yesterday.  Take a look at a brief clip of the “Invisible” Professor in action:

Way to go!  This instructor effectively utilized a basic technology tool to meet her current instructional needs!

Girl Scouts Made With Code Party

Made with Code Party Agenda

The Made with Code Party had an action packed agenda!

Last Friday, I had the awesome privilege of co-hosting a “Made with Code” Party with Cadette Troop 1330 (Alexandria, VA). Six young ladies became computer scientists who explored the possibilities of using code to create music and art using the Google block programming language Blockly.  The lively and enthusiastic scouts also brainstormed to determine how they could use code to change the world in positive ways.  If this is any indication of what our summer girl’s camp, She Who Codes is going to accomplish, I can not wait for the summer! Thanks Kelly Hebron for the invitation, I really had a blast! If you would like to learn more about hosting your own Made w/ Code party, go to


Using Padlet, Cadettes brainstormed and posted their thoughts about code .




Cadettes are using the programming language Blockly to create musical beats.




Cadettes are creating a kaleidoscope using the programming language Blockly.

Made w/ Code Certificate

Cadettes received a Made w/ Code Certificate at the end of the session.


Office 365 – Now Available for FREE!

office 365

If you are a NOVA faculty or staff member, you can now get Office 365 Pro Plus on 5 devices for FREE!  You will need your VCCS username and password to register.  Go to–offices/administrative-offices/ithd/faculty/software/ for specific details.




Additionally, with your VCCS account, you will now have UNLIMITED cloud storage with Microsoft One Drive and Google as long as you are still affiliated with VCCS.  If you would like to know more about cloud storage, feel free to stop by our office (AA 337) for one-on-one support or feel free to participate in any of our upcoming workshops or webinars!



“STEM”ulate Me! – A Symbaloo of STEM Resources



Click on the image above to access web resources and apps that will help you better understand STEM, its importance and exemplary classroom practices.

Red Flag Day – Tomorrow: Two Safety Apps You Should Consider



Did you know?

Did you know that 21% of college students who are in a dating relationship, one of the partners is being abused?  Tomorrow, we wear red, to take a stand against sexual and domestic violence.  A special thank-you goes to Alexandria Campus’ Women’s Center for placing this in the forefront of our thoughts this week.

I thought I would share with you two apps that may very well keep you safe.

Circle of 6

The first one is Circle of Six.  This free app, available on both iTunes and Google Play, allows you to reach out to 6 friends/family members in your circle with one touch.  The icons on the screen are discreet action buttons that allow you let your friends know where you are and that you need help.  This app is the winner of several accolades including the White House’s “HHS Apps Against Technology” Challenge.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.06.55 PM


I will again speak of this effective app.  This app is directly linked to Campus Safety.  If you see a red flag, report it.  You can use this app to report anonymously without saying one word.  I can personally attest to their prompt response.  If you need a campus escort, you can use this free app also.  LiveSafe is also available on iTunes and Google Play.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.23.47 PM


Caught Integrating Technology!

turning_pointKudos to Amy Wang, PhD, Professor of Mathematics, for integrating the use of Turning Point Technologies.  She uses Turning Point to deploy quizzes during her MTH 166 and MTH 174 courses.  By using the PowerPoint Polling feature in Turning Point, she is able to quiz her students and get real-time results.  The students are engaged during this process.  She generates and exports her reports into Excel to enter into her BlackBoard Grade Book.  The Instructional Support and Development team is especially proud of Amy’s willingness to learn and persistence, even through the rough patches, to become proficient in this technology.




Successful “Lunch and Learn” Session with Microsoft

surface_4 surface_3 surface_2 Instructional Support and Development partnered with The Microsoft Store in Pentagon City to facilitate a “Lunch and Learn” Session.  We had an awesome “Lunch and Learn” session with Microsoft! Students, faculty, and staff learned how to navigate Windows 8.1.1 while using Surface Pros 2 and 3. Thank you, LaSone and Taneem, for visiting and facilitating this great experience! Next month we are going to visit the Microsoft Store to learn more about OneNote.   By the way, did you know that Taneem is also a NOVA student?