TESTIMONIES for TUTORING from a student

Dear Martha,

Thank you very much for all your help regarding my ITE 115 class tutoring.
I`ve got a B for the course, and it won`t be possible without the help I`ve got from your department.

Thank you again,
Olga Malroy

She also adds; In the beginning of my ITE 115 course I felt unsure that I would be able to finish it with any positive grade. I spoke with my Professor about it and he guided me to request tutoring through your office.
Since then things began to changed for me, I started to feel more confident in class and could finish it with the “B”!
I also was very impressed with your always prompt responds on my messages and ability to find the right solutions for me in a sensitive time frame.

About mjanowski

Tutoring Coordinator at the Loudoun Campus located in the LC building 1st. floor
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  1. Susan Smith says:

    WOW!!! What a great service for students

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