Welcome to our Resources page! Just as the Writing Center strives to provide excellent one-on-one tutoring, we also aim to produce instructional resources that provide clear, practical guidance for writers of all levels. The development and creation of these resources is an ongoing process, so check back regularly to see what new and helpful resources we’ve added!

Instructional Handouts

Your time is valuable! With that in mind, we’ve created one-page instructional handouts for a variety of writing-related topics. These brief, to-the-point guides provide a big-picture overview aimed at helping you understand the purpose and function of the topic at hand. Whether it is a major essay-component such as thesis statements, or a fine detail such as comma usage, the information presented in our handouts will serve you well in your current and future writing endeavors!

To browse our instructional handouts for major essay-components, visit our Essay Handouts page.

To browse our instructional handouts for grammar topics, visit our Grammar Handouts page.

Resumes and Cover-Letters

When you apply for employment, you want your first impression to be a positive one! By creating a compelling cover-letter and a relevant resume (and making the two work together), you’ll put your best foot forward. Do you want to increase your chances of success even further? Tailor your cover-letter and resume for each job you’re pursuing. Workplaces are unique and distinct; your cover-letter and resume should acknowledge those distinctions by highlighting your skills and experience that match the employer’s needs. A general “one-size-fits-all” resume may not convince employers that you are an ideal fit. Find some more tips in our Cover-Letter F.A.Q.!

One’s career-journey may best be explained by example — a ride on Resume Road. Our illustrative example is centered upon a Writing Center creation named Casey Grinds. To trace Casey’s employment- and education-path, take a moment to Meet Casey Grinds.