Meet Casey Grinds

When you consider the career of Casey Grinds, you get the feeling that there was a certain bit of destiny involved—the destiny to uphold the promise of that surname.  Grinds.  There is no amount of “easy” in the name.  “Grinds” embodies the journey that millions of hard-working people call their careers.  Like those millions, Casey had to choose a starting-point.  We don’t know if Casey found that first spark of inspiration in a totem-pole or a ladder; we just know where it all started: At the bottom.

Casey was an aspiring business-manager.  That much was clear.  The problem was evident enough: Casey didn’t know how to be a business-manager.  Here, a friendly bit of advice proved invaluable: If you want to lead the people, first be the people.  Casey took it to heart, taking jobs as a grocery-bagger, shelf-stocker, shopping-cart wrangler, cashier, shift-supervisor, and night-manager.  The point?  To learn and do all of the jobs that Casey would one day have to supervise and manage.

Casey’s First (1991)
Casey Grinds is a recent graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.  After seeing a job posting on a local grocery chain’s website, Casey decides to apply for the position.

Job Posting 1: Casey’s First | Cover Letter 1: Casey’s First | Resume 1: Casey’s First

Casey Climbs (1999)
Casey now has a Bachelor’s Degree and wants to advance to a Regional Manager position after seeing a new job posting.  Casey’s resume and cover letter reflect a newly-earned degree and relevant experience.

Job Posting 2: Casey Climbs | Cover Letter 2: Casey Climbs | Resume 2: Casey Climbs

Casey Rises (2007)
Casey applies for a Senior Director position at another company.  Casey’s resume and cover letter illustrate proven ability and relevant expertise.

Job Posting 3: Casey Rises | Cover Letter 3: Casey Rises | Resume 3: Casey Rises